Buckingham Congregational Church, UCC

Buckingham Congregational offers weekly Worship services, Baptism, Wedding, Memorial and Funeral services.

Until we are once again able to gather in person to worship together, join us on Zoom live at 10:00am on Sunday mornings. All services followed by our Zoom Live Coffee Hour! 

Please call the church office or email us for Zoom codes.

Preaching Themes April - May 2021

April 11: John 20:19-31
A Week Later…
Hymn: 241 Joy Dawned Again

April 18: Luke 24:36-48
One Great Hour of Sharing received
What we are called to proclaim
Hymn: 13 O My Soul Bless Your Creator

April 25: Psalm 23
For the Living
Hymn: 247 My Shepherd

May 2: Holy Communion
John 15:1-11
Vines, Abiding, Underland
Hymn: 564 We Are Not Our Own

May 9: John 15:12-17
What does this kind of love mean?
Hymn: 495 Called As Partners

May 16: Acts 1:12-14
Who Were These People?