Buckingham Congregational Church, UCC

COVID-19 Protocols

These protocols are subject to change at any time due to ongoing COVID 19 state guidelines and recommendations.

Worship Protocols - as of 11/22/20

• Welcome back to in-person worship at Buckingham Congregational Church. We are following all the state-mandated requirements for in-person religious gatherings.

• Please reserve your place in worship no later than noon on Friday by using Signup Genius, or by emailing or calling Brett at the church (860 633-7992).

• Please enter and exit through the Accessible (North) Entry. Your temperature will be taken as you enter and anyone with a temperature over 100.5 will not be allowed.

• Masks are required at all times.

• Ushers will assist you in finding a (socially distanced) seat. Children must remain with their parents/adults at all times.

We will start filling seats at the front of the sanctuary. When the service has ended, we will disperse from the back first and we are asking anyone requiring the lift to wait until everyone else has left.

• There will be no congregational singing (although you can feel free to hum!).

• Passing of the Peace will be done by remaining where you are seated and greeting others with waves or bows.

• We encourage you to make your offering by EFT, mail, or online but there will be an offering plate at the stairs down to the North vestibule.

• During this phase of reopening, there will be no coffee hour. Please contact Eileen Pratt to join the Saturday fellowship.

• We encourage a limit of one person in a bathroom at a time. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting Protocols for Fellowship Hall - as of 11/22/20

• A maximum of 15 people will be allowed in Fellowship Hall for a meeting.

• All non-member/rental groups and church sponsored groups must keep a log of attendees listing their name, contact phone number, and date of attendance.

• Non-member and rental groups will enter and exit through the Accessible (North) Entry.

Each participant shall be informed of the protocols and will be required to complete a Waiver of Liability form.

• Church members may use the Entry near the Office.

• All persons entering the building must wear a protective mask. The face mask is required to be worn when moving throughout the facility. Once seated, it is recommended that the mask stay in place.

• Six-foot distancing from others is required in all areas of the facility. The set-up of tables and chairs in the Fellowship Hall reflects this six-foot distancing. While the furniture may be rearranged, the resulting set up must maintain a six-foot distance between chairs and between persons.

• It is the responsibility of the group to clean and disinfect the space after their activity. All contact surfaces (tables, chairs, light switches, door handles, etc.) shall be disinfected after each meeting/use. A disinfectant and paper towels or sanitizing wipes will be available for this purpose.

• We encourage a limit of one person in a bathroom at a time.

“Behind the Scenes” Protocols - as of 11/22/20

• The In-Person Worship Team will establish the seating areas implementing social distancing.

• Sanitizer will be provided at each entrance and in the bathrooms. Disinfecting wipes will be provided in each bathroom. Extra masks will be available at the entry.

• There will be signage directing people to the entrance and informing them of protocols.

• There will need to be three to four deacons/volunteers:
- someone to take temperatures at the entry;
- someone to record attendance (see Contact Tracing procedure below); - someone who is responsible for assisting with the lift and sanitizing the lift buttons after each use;
- and at least one usher to assist people to their pew.

• An offering plate with a sign will be placed on the shelf at the stair down to North vestibule.

• If bulletins are used, they will be kept to one page and placed in the pews.

• Only the lectern will be used for all speaking or soloists until we have a Pastor doing in person worship.

• Microphone covers (foam balls) will be replaced after each service.

• Fans will not be used. If the outside temperature is above 60 degrees, the windows can be opened to provide ventilation.

• When communion is served, pre-packaged communion sets will be available.

• The sanctuary and bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized once a week.

Contact Tracing Procedure

- Participants will sign up by using SignUp Genius or calling the church by noon on Friday. Office will print the list.

- On Sunday morning, the volunteer responsible for recording attendance will pick up the list of attendees and the bulletins from the office.

- Volunteers will place bulletins on the pews.

- The volunteer responsible for recording attendance will check off names as they enter. If anyone comes who has not signed up, their name(s) and contact information will be written on the list.

- The volunteer responsible for recording attendance will return the list to the office for filing.